Ready for What Lies Ahead…

So this is my first blog post on Zaftig Runner.  You can find out more about me and this blog in the “About Me” section.  But you already know that, because I am hardly the first person to write a blog.  I had a short-lived blog many years ago called “Nicki’s Diary”. I think this one will be different.  Like a lot of people, I will write about nutrition and fitness and emotional eating and my love of eating and cooking.  I may also talk about dating (and my quest to make it end for good!) and how I sometimes struggle with loneliness even though I have a number of wonderful friends and loving family.  I may talk about what it feels like to know you may not have a family of your own despite that it hasn’t been a conscious choice.  I think the main thread in this blog will be about “Acceptance” .  Appreciating me and accepting me in my search for wellness and a sense of purpose.  I need to work on not being so hard on myself.  It’s a common thread in my life and often what people closest to me will tell me I excel at.

What does acceptance mean to me?  It means doing my best at the moment and accepting my limitations.  It’s linked to gratitude in that when I feel down because I’ve worked out 6 times that week and have not seen a difference in my physical appearance, I am grateful for my strong legs that allow me to spin like crazy or run that extra kilometre.

I’m going to keep this first entry short.  If anyone has any suggestions for me to write about, let me know!